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All software products & applications face a critical juncture when they are about to reach an enterprise. These products should be enterprise ready, customizable, fit into the enterprise ecosystem, conform to the corporate infrastructure & security frameworks, and interoperate with other applications. Implementing enterprise ready products has become increasingly complex with the advent of Service-oriented architectures (SOA) and Web services.
Add to this, the delivery challenges of maintaining the team utilization rate (while the work load is hitting its peaks and valleys), be prepared for right sizing of the resources, ensure proper flow of communication with the customers.
Professional Services is a logical extension of our competence in software engineering services. We have developed professional services capabilities in various technologies and offered professional services to most of products developed. SAMA SYSTEMS supports software product companies by continuous relationship management through business development teams - all the way from sales to service delivery.
SAMA SYSTEMS Professional Services are an essential part of any Product or Solution we offer, allowing our technology to be correctly specified, configured, implemented and supported to meet our customers’ needs – wherever they are.
SAMA SYSTEMS Professional Services include :
Configuration and Scripting
Education and Training
Global Support
Our expert services are delivered by trained professionals around the world. Our long-term policy is to ensure customer satisfaction and close relationships by placing staff in the most effective locations. When you work with SAMA SYSTEMS you can expect to deal with people who understand your business and technical requirements, who know your culture, and who are highly committed to giving you reliable, high-performance, cost-effective OSS/BSS systems.

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