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Information Risk Management
Information security is a key business issue. The reputation of a business can be significantly impacted by privacy, integrity, availability and safeguarding mechanisms of its information assets. Increasing threats to information due to theft, data loss, inadequate security policies and external attacks have caused severe legal and financial penalties. It has also increased scrutiny by media, regulators and consumers.
To address this challenge, organizations are taking measures to ensure adequate privacy and protection of important information and effective management of information related risks.
Sama Systems Incs’ Information Risk Management (IRM) solution offers a holistic approach to identify, analyze, report and remediate information risks. It leverages the Risk Insight platform to automate assessment activities and reduce cycle time. The solution consists of a comprehensive catalog of controls for specific information domains to address compliance and information risk management needs of organizations.
Our solution’s approach to pre-audit assessments, pre-defined controls catalog and highly customizable automation platform enable you to :
Achieve faster assessment and reporting
Reduce rate of audit failure
Reduce cost of compliance through automation
Leverage existing programs and assessment/audit data
Monitor and track risk remediation by using a centralized platform to identify, assess and manage information risks
Pre-defined controls are mapped to relevant regulations and standards to identify overlap and avoid duplication by using available test results. Its generic assessment methodology ensures consistency across various compliance and information security programs and allows leveraging of past audit results.
Operational Risk Management
Sama Systems Inc Operational Risk Management (ORM) solution is a platform that enables financial services firms to manage operational risk.
Risk management takes place at two levels :
Quantification of operational risk based on post-event data
Risk management through process management and process re-design
The solution comprises three components :
Risk engine – Supports the entire risk measurement process, manages internal and external data, monitors and analyzes loss events, quantifies risk using sophisticated Value-at-Risk models, allocates capital charge, supports risk transfer and hedging, enables internal supervision and as well as provides necessary internal and external reports
Process monitor – Captures process data in real-time and identifies vulnerabilities as an early warning system
Streamliner – Streamlines processes
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