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Over 5 years' of experience in the IT sector has helped SAMA SYSTEMS understand exactly how technology can help businesses meet their needs. We can provide full life-cycle solutions starting from requirement analysis to maintenance. We have unrivalled software design and development services. Software design and development is a service offered by SAMA SYSTEMS's systems integration strategic business unit.
Software development and maintenance
We use innovative delivery models and proven quality processes to deliver cost-effective solutions. Our application development and maintenance framework has proven competency in reducing costs for our clients' productivity improvements year-on-year.
This is supplemented by our vast expertise in design and development of host-centric or client-server architecture with any number of tiers, across various environments. Our application development services address the needs of industry verticals such as banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, government, transportation, mining, shipping, etc.
Building large and complex state-of-the-art applications
Designing and building strong and robust architectures
Large project execution
Managing large, multi-site development projects
Systems study and integration & Software migration and conversion
SAMA SYSTEMS has a extensive experience in replacing legacy systems, by software and data migration, conversion and integration. This involves converting existing applications to operate in a new environment, and usually involves replacing the application source code and migration of the existing application data. The existing application source code and data has to be moved to a new hardware / software platform, with minimal changes to the application.
Effectively analyse migration options
Assess the impact of migration on the customer's business
Plan a migration project
Deliver a migration project
Test migrated applications
Develop user and technical documentation
Web-based applications
SAMA SYSTEMS develops web-based and web-enabled applications. Web-based applications are built from the ground up to run over the web. Web-enabled applications involve adding a web interface to traditional applications that may have been created even before there was a web.
Web-based applications can integrate with other web-based applications. Web-enabled applications, on the other hand, have separate web gateways that integrate with old software. They permit the use of only specific parts of the software that have been re-written for the web.
Web-enabled applications can broaden access to an old application trapped on a mainframe. By putting a web browser on its front end, the old application becomes available to more employees and customers. It is usually more cost-effective than a completely new web-based system. But, if the legacy application is complex, it may not be economically feasible to build web hooks into more than its most basic functions.
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